List of 11 Things

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1. I am not liking my History class at the moment. By this Saturday I have to read 350 pages. About the only good thing that comes out of this is that the book is much better than my APUSH book, but other than that, who wants to read a damn textbook like a book?

2. Math stinks. I really hate the fact that I cannot use a calculator to do a math problem like simpilfy 254/4200. Sure I can divide, but big numbers kill me. I hate my math class too. The teacher goes too fast. Not trying to be racist, but FUCK ASIAN MATH TEACHERS! They are not sympathetic to the people who doesn’t understand math worth shite.

3. Why is it that whenever I find something I want to get for Grumpy, ie: A nice cage for her, the company doesn’t have USPS system? Or why is it when they HAVE USPS system, they don’t accept cheque or money order? Fucking credit cards. They are a pain in the arse for people that don’t have them and the company is too fucking idiotic to accept cheque as payment.

4. AAFES suck. They have rabbit food, but crappy bedding and litterbox material. I do hope during the Spring Review time, they put my feedback into consideration and start stocking up on Carefresh litter or something instead of the Pine and Cedar crap that has been proven to cause diseases.

5. Why is it that Grumpy doesn’t eat food that we give to her that’s good for her, yet she just HAD to get the gum out of my hand that I was holding for a minute and fucking eat it?! Now I am worried sick that something is going to happen to her. She’s fine at the moment, but that was one of the reason why I couldn’t sleep last night.

6. In regarding the previous one, I didn’t sleep till 6 in the morning today. DAMN insomnia.

7. I found out WHY I don’t want to be with my mum in public nowadays. Every women she meets, like at a restaurant, all they talk about is weight this and weight that. FUCK weight problem. IT’S TIRING and SICKENING to hear about how weight conscious everyone is!

8. How come mum thinks she has to protect my image by telling strangers that I do not know, or other people she considers friend that I am a good girl that never drinks, smokes, and etc etc with the fact that nowadays most college students do that crap? I am sick of her lying to the people like that. Furthemore, it’s none of their business to be told this anyways!

9. Dad needs to fix his car. While I enjoy walking, it’s no fun walking with a heavy bag. Stupid math book of all hell being so fucking heavy.

10. As you can tell, I am not a happy camper at the moment. Now I must go back to reading History.

11. And thank you for all your lovely feedback on this layout. I really appreciate how you guys like this layout!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    ;_; *hugs*
    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Well, I am not a happy camper either. LONG story. There’s just a lot on my mind about me and Charles’ future and a whole bunch of shit like that. IT sucks.

    *hugs* Hope you feel better and I absolutely ADORE the new layout!

  3. i guess rabbits are like humans – we only eat the tasty stuff!

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