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For some reason that’s my favourite RHPS song. I don’t know why. Maybe the damn lips captivated me more than I will admit.

Tuan, you got a dirty mind. ^_^ David is just a friend of mine since Kindergarten. There will NEVER be anything between him and me except for just friend-ness.

Last Friday, this photographer who was always at a school function (homecoming, prom, graduation, etc) died. He was hit on his motorcycle on base near Gate 52. It’s… sad. The last time I saw him was at Graduation, and then the prom before that. I don’t know that person personally, but I think it’s amazing how one day we are alive, the next we are dead.

Classes starts tomorrow. Ugh. Math. Kill me now.

And I told ya’ll this was gonna be a random entry.


  1. Me first and the gimmie-gimmies did a fairly good cover of that song =)

  2. me? dirty mind??? no waaaaay!

  3. Alexis on

    I like the new look, Tara! It’s simple but very, very pretty and spring-ish. Very lovely!

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