Schindler’s List Gift

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Schindler’s List was one movie I’ve been dying to get on dvd for the last … year I guess. I was ecstatic when they finally said they were putting it out in dvd. So I anxiously awaited for it at the PX. I saw it… and I was screaming to myself. And it was the bloody $60 dollar gift set crap.

Now mind you, I wanted the movie for the longest time. But $60 mother-fucking dollars?! HELL NO. I then got pissed at the PX for not bringing in the regular dvd and that they were trying to just freaking rip people like me off. Well I vowed not to get it. I then asked daddy to check the PX for the regular dvd for the next couple weeks. He said he would.

… Well guess what? Yep. Today he got me the gift set as a present for doing well in college and that he owed me a gift. He also said he didn’t want me to bug him about whether the PX had it or not. LOL.

I certainly was surprised! Now who’s going to be watching the movie in a few minutes? Me!

Thank you, Daddy! ^_^


  1. Hey there :)

    You left a comment on my blog FAT GIRL slim, so I thought I’d return the greeting.

    I know what you mean about the junk food. It’s been difficult. I suppose I should write about that, and the food that I miss, but the great thing is that I can still eat a lot of "rubbish", I suppose.

    But I hope you, too, are successful if you try to lose the weight. Gods knows we can all use the encouragement of knowing that someone out there is rooting for us every now and again!

  2. Schindler’s list was such a touching movie, tho I watched it like 5 years ago in school for a WW2 project! I love ur domain name.. I was thinking of owning a korean domain name too.. but obviously, I’d pick the world re-known.."si b**" lol! Btw, when I said world, I meant it. =p

  3. *goes star-ry eyed at her*

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