End of Psych, Freedom, and Next Term

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Today was the last class of Psychology 100. I will miss the classes. The teacher was awesome, and for the first time in my life, I was in a class where I actually respected and liked the majority of my classmates. Of course it helped that I had a couple friends there, but even the ones who weren’t my friends, they were really nice to me and easy to get along with. I guess adults are indeed more mature than high school students and below. The things I didn’t like about the class were the exams, the journal, and all the writing my poor hand suffered through the exams.

So now I have 10 days of freedom. With that time, I will be urgently writing up this one fic I need to write, and I will be madly updating my poor neglected HP/RL archive. Oh well. There are other archivist far worst than me LOL.

I signed up for my classes for next term. I took the friggin’ math placement test, and it placed me in Math 009 – Introductory Algebra. The lowest math class offered. That means I have to take Math 009, Math 012, and Math 107. The 009 and 012 are the prerequisites for the damn 107. And 107 is the only class that counts as a freaking math credit. >_< ;; I HATE MATH. And JEEBUS. My math textbook was like 107 bucks. x_x;; Expensive. I also signed up for History 156 - History of the US to 1865. That had two text book about 45-50 bucks each. That wasn't too bad. The damn math book is what pissed me off. The schedule will be a bit rough for me. The math classes will be taken place on Monday and Wednesday night from 6:30 to 9:00ish. The History clss … well that’s gonna be fun. It’s every Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00. All day of History. I must be mad. But I have a friend taking that class, so hopefully I won’t die. But yeah… Friday there is no school for the HS, so I can chill. Whoot!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    o_0 Wow. That Saturday history schedule sounds positively exciting.
    But seriously, I didn’t even know schedules were made in such a way that they keep you in one class on any day for that many hours. I’m hoping you guys at least get a break for lunch ^_^ Good luck to you:D

    And yeah, I know your LJ isn’t your primary blog which is why I left your link up on my links list, so everything is okie dokie ^_^ Some people switched completely to the LJ which is why I removed them since I have a link to my LJ friends page:D

    Enjoy your break!!!

  2. Yikes! You’re Sat. class scares me!

  3. sounds like a good class. my AI class though, i just feel like punching the crap out of some of them!

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