Cheque Book Sucks and Amazon

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Have I ever told you guys I hate cheque books?

Oh don’t get me wrong. They are handy when you need them. But the fact that they are so easily misplaced and small…

Yeah. I lost my first cheque book. Either it’s in garbage land now, or it’s still somewhere in the house. Dad got me a new chequebook cover, and I still had a set of cheques so it’s all dandy. But I’m still a bit paranoid to use my checking account again. I’m afraid someone has it… and you know. However it’s been missing since December and no attempts of cheque fraud has happened so I guess I’m safe, eh?

But I still hate cheque books. Let’s end it at that. And now I need it to buy some stuff off of Amazon. A bunch of books and 1 dvd. Oh. After surfing through Amazon, I want all these homosexuality-related movies now. x_x;; I want them! Oh well. Looks like I know what I want for Christmas… XD Oh and if you guys all have Amazon wishlist, post the URL or something so I can add you to my Amazon friend list. Here’s mine.

:3 Maybe if I feel generous I’ll buy you guys something. ^_^ But do post the URL. And if you AREN’T a friend, don’t bother posting. I’m not gonna buy anything for anyone who’s not a friend. You guys all know who I mean by friends right? Good.

Anyways back to my, ugh, homework. >_<


  1. Ivy (another one) on

    i think credit cards are better… awesome domain name btw..

  2. I love cheque books. I wouldn’t be able to live without mine. I have both the book and debit card and I would be lost without them.

  3. I never understood wishlists…how does it get to your house? o_0

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