Steel Magnolias

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Julia Roberts is one of my favourite actress. I wanted to see the movie that earned her first Academy Award nomination. So while I was hunting for a dvd to buy at the store, I saw this and picked it up. I’m glad I bought it. It is meant to be an owned movie.

The story takes place in a town located in Louisiana. Shelby (Roberts) was about to get married to her husband. Her mother (Sally Fields), M’Lynn and she were preparing for the wedding. They decided to get their hair down at Truvy’s (Dolly Parton) place. There we met all these other ladies that are friends with Shelby and M’Lynn. We meet Clairee, Ouiser, and Annelle.

I like the close-knit group these women have. And how supportive they are of Shelby especially. Shelby unfortunately is diabetic, and her kind of diabetic makes giving birth a complication. In the end Shelby gets married and tried to adopt kids, but with her medical history, it was impossible.

Shelby and her husband decides to give birth. M’Lynn wasn’t happy about that since she didn’t want to lose her only daughter. Shelby gave birth to a healthy baby boy. But her diabetes was taking over her life. She soon went on Dialysis, but her mother decided to give one of her kidney. The operation was successful, but soon her body rejected the organ.

The movie was wonderfully funny. I loved Ouiser. She is one sarcastic lady. I adore her though. She’s my favourite character. My least favourite was Annelle. She was annoying, and she became too religious for my taste. Good grief to her. But the group was enjoyable to watch due to their dynamic interaction.

I found out how the guy wrote the story. The reason behind it was so poignant. But it was the a legacy to the man’s sister. That was sweet. The whole movie was sweet and funny. I recommend it!


  1. I had just watched this movie over Thanksgiving weekend. Another really good movie that had Julia Roberts in it. I loved how Sally Field played her mother, and Shirley McLane (however you spell her name) was great as Ouiser!

    This one was a tear jerker.

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