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So I did get my snow day! ^_^ The rest really helped me.

I was productive today. Worked on some of my Psychology homework, and worked on a friend’s birthday present. Mwahaha…

Tomorrow I have a study group to attend. Yes. I study somewhat now that I’ve entered college. Scary thoughts.

And I’m in a mood for some Scottish accent and men in kilts. SOOO… Braveheart is going on the dvd player now!


  1. Well, good for you! Studying is a GOOD thing.

    And yummy men in kilts? OOOOOO! ….Oh, wait, yummy SCOTTISH men in kilts… OH well, JUST AS GOOD! *pops the popcorn*

  2. Lady Athena on

    Bah, I never study. I only do it when I know I have to, but I never do it willingly. Homework is evil.

  3. You remind me of my sister. She is always in the mood for some Scottish men.

  4. Lady Athena on

    *reads the ending of Tara-chan’s post and snickers* Ah, yes, men in kilts. I love the mooning scene in that movie. That was absolutely priceless!

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