The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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The main reason why I decided to borrow this movie from a friend was because of Sean Connery and the fact I wanted to hear some Scottish accent. Shallow, I know, but that was the main reason.

Overall, I think this movie had potential but kind of didn’t meet them. It was interesting to see some “legendary” literary figures such as Tom Sawyer, Dorian Gray, Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, Captain Nemo, and etc. Sean Connery played an Indiana Jones like character and he and the others were called upon to do a mission to stop someone named Phantom. That was the main point of this story.

The characters intrigued me, especially Dorian Gray. Now I want to read the book. But anyways, I’m not much of an action-adventure type so it was kind of bland for me. The special effects were okay, but some of it just looked too fake for me. I liked the interaction between Connery’s character and Tom Sawyer. And well while I couldn’t figure out WHO the spy was until they showed in the movie, it was kind of stupid.

It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t splendid. I’d give it a C+ I think.


  1. I never saw this movie but I keep hearing mixed reviews. Maybe I’ll rent it one day.

  2. This movie was based on a comic book of the same name that ran during the 1950s.

    Just so you know. ^^ Kinda like Men In Black.

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