The Core

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My friend said he liked the movie so I decided to check it out. Let’s just say, I loved it and it was excellent.

Many might not agree with me on this. Granted there were a lot of elements from Armageddon and Deep Impact, but please. This is the generation where nothing is going to be original since it’s practically all done in the past now. Overlooking the “repetition” of familiar elements, I still thought it was original.

After many unexplained, strange events, Dr. Joshua Keyes, played by Aaron Eckhart (who I might add is now my new concubine) was called up by the government to investigate the people dropping dead thing. He viewed the pigeons going bonkers at Trafalgar Square and decided to look into the Electromagnetic Interface. He and couple others looked up all the strange phenenom that happened and put it together.

The Earth’s core had stopped. Without the engine, Earth was going to be destroyed in less than a year. Keyes then decided to share his discovery with Dr. Zimisky. The discovery went all the way to the White House and a project to save the Earth was put together. With the idea of how impossible it was to go through the Earth’s crust and to survive the heat and pressure, Dr. Brazzleton had invented the Unobtanium, a metal that could survive the heat and etc. They built a ship out of it and gathered a crew and went down there.

You can probably guess what happened. I have to say that I did not like Hilary Swank’s character too much or General Purcell. But I did like Keyes, Serge, and Brazzleton. I especially liked how Brazzleton and Zimisky argued a lot in the film. This movie really fascinated me. I read a condensed version of The Journey to the Centre of the Earth several years ago. The idea of going beneath the Earth’s surface is truly a mystery. Up till now we’ve already breached the Space Frontier, but the furthest we’ve ever went down under Earth was seven miles. Fascinating… maybe we will go down there one day.

The concept of the Earth’s core being stalled scared me though. If it did ever happened… er… I don’t want to be there.

All in all I loved this movie. I will give it an A.


  1. To quote Rob in this : "Nothing is original."

    There is nothing in this world, pst or present, that is original. Look at Arthur. Jesus complex much? Same thing with Beowulf.

    Idependance Day isn’t original. There was a movie called V that’s basically the same thing.

    Even Record of Lodoss war isn’t even original! (Lodoss War fans can sit there and say how original it is, but it’s not!). Look at the characters. Then look at the game Dungeons and Dragons. Same type of characters. Same thing with Diablo. There is nothing under the sun that is original.

    The things that seem original really aren’t, you just have to dig further into literature, Manga, and history to find that there is nothing original.


    But overall, very good movie, I must say! GO HILLARY SWANK! W00T!

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