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I updated Cineblog with two movie reviews. Go see. :3

x_x;; And I wished Mrs. Lee didn’t have the band play at the championship game. I got all these western song stuck in my head. Hence the reason why Rawhide is my current song.

And I survived this week! Although… x_x;; The teacher asked me to sub for him next Thursday and Friday. I told him, Okay, but in my mind I was going… WTF? NOOOOOO!


I got an exam tomorrow. Ugh. And I borrowed the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ll finally get to see it! Whee!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    The Picture of Dorian Gray is a pretty good book albeit there’s one or two chapters that you can skip entirely without getting lost because Wilde liked to add too many details every now and then. I think you’d like it:)

    Glad you survived the week! *high five*

  2. leeeeet’s dooo the tiiiiime waaaarp agaaaaaaaiiiin *dances*

  3. Good Movie =) A total classic.

  4. Lady Athena on

    The first time I saw that movie was when I was 15. I actually saw it being acted it out on stage, while the movie played in the background. It was so fucking hilarious! But the thing I loved the most was the music. I loved the songs so much, that I had to get the CD. The Time Warp is like, the ultimate Rocky Horror Picture Show song!

  5. Good luck subbing.

  6. sakurayuki / cristy on

    ^0^ Hey hey tara…

    i know i never (or rather, belatedly) reply your messages! I wanted to tell you that I have no idea how LJ works, and I actually forgot my username, so I better get a new account. (teehee. ^^)

    I tried to get to tckingdoms just now, (in an attempt to contact you), but it’s not there! Wow, I must be really out of date! ^0^

    Oh yes, I’m joining the 5th wave of the Dawn to dusk fuhqfest!! =) are you joining as well? or are you busy? i hope you do though, as it’s nice to see people i know write!! ^0^

    ok, this is a rather long comment, so i’ll stop while i’m ahead!

    take care,

  7. For the first time in ever your blog had a popup for me… o_0 Just thought you should know.

  8. Lady Athena on

    I get popups when I’m not supposed to, as well. I figured that it’s because I had spyware/adware on my computer and I was right. There are some programs that will download themselves onto your computer, without you knowing it, and they can screw around with your computer. It really, really sucks…

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