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I feel like punching something.

I feel like ripping my hair out of my scalp.

I feel like wanting to fucking kill all the seniors and freshmen that bugs the hell out of me.

I feel like a jerk for writing a discipline referral to the v.p.

I feel like wanting to sleep for an eternity.

I feel like I am going to lose my mind after this week.

I feel like I’m going to flunk my next exam even if I received an “A” on the first one.

I feel like … crying and screaming my head off.

I so cannot wait till this week is fucking over.

And I need a break.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Hey, the story of my life! Don’t worry, Tara-chan, I know how you feel. You’ll get through the rest of the week, and then you’ll feel the most wonderful feeling of relief:) You’ll make it! *hugs*

    Feel better, k? ^_^ You’ve got a huge group of friends here for you!

  2. I’m worried about you. *Hugs* You do need a break.

  3. Screaming can be quite theroputic :) try it.

  4. I think I kind of know how you feel, even though yours is probably ten times worse. x_x *hugs* Feel better. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

  5. silvertear on

    well the week’s over now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? and subbing classes w/ all seniors = bad, i know. sorry bout all the punks in gov and band. also, [insert Steph’s post here] or some other stress-relieving technique.

  6. Lady Athena on

    I can most definitely relate to the bad week thing. Had one myself.

    I hope you feel better, Tara-chan! *hug* Hope next week is better for you! Sure sounds like you can use a good week! Gambatte ne! :)

  7. life is a real bitch. it’ll work out soon hopefully :)

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