Glasses and Sub

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Man what is up with me and writing about my sub experiences these days? Bah.

Had an unexpected sub job for the Art teacher, and the class I subbed for, one kid was annoying, but he was still a good kid. Funny though. But annoying.

So yeah. I chose my glasses today. Yay. No frames, lightly smoked-coloured tinted lenses. Will get them on Saturday. THEY BETTER NOT SCREW UP THE PRESCRIPTION THIS TIME.

That’s what happened in 8th grade when I was supposed to get a new pair of glasses, but they screwed up the prescription. NO ONE believed me about how I couldn’t see through that POS. Even after like few days passed. So they checked out my glasses and the prescription was wrong. x_x; I know when I’m right with certain stuff. So I sworn off glasses since then.

Now I think I need them again, so yeah. I’m more mature about it too. I don’t care if I look dorky in glasses as long as I do not go blind. No contacts for me. I am STAYING FAR AWAY FROM IT.


  1. glasses make you look smart and sophisticated :)

  2. Lady Athena on

    Depending on the style, glasses are cool. However, thick frames, are not. Frameless are the best ones. I like the style of the ones you described. Really cool! I used to wear glasses. I had three pairs. One pair had thin frames, and the other two, thick. The first pair I got was when I was six years old. That was almost 16 years ago (almost). I refused to wear the other two pairs, even though I needed them. I still probably need to wear glasses, but I personally don’t want to. Contact lenses are a no no for me. I am not getting anywhere near that area of eye care. I also don’t care what I look like in glasses (thick frames are evil, though), but I just would not wear them. Ah well, to each his/her own. Good luck on the perscription part! :)

  3. I want piccas!

  4. contacts are annoying to care for anyway.

  5. No contacts huh? I used to wear glasses but now I’m strictly contacts.

  6. and, dude, love potion 31 is only *the* best ice cream flavor ever to be conceived by baskin-robbins!

  7. I would love to get contacts simply for the colors, but it makes me weary whenever I see people poking their fingers into their eyes and then using their fingernails to scrape them back out. Apparently, you get used to it, but I’d rather not find out:)
    Take a piccy showing off your new glasses! The readers want to see:) hehe

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Tara-chan:)

  8. At least you’re -able- to wear contacts. *kicks stupid medication*

  9. I GOT ME A PUPPY! *happy dances*

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