Busy Day

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What a day. I substituted for Mrs. Lee. Today was KAIAC High School Band Festival. Had like bunch of schools from the Korean peninsula come over. Watched them rehearse and watched over the classes.

I confiscated three items from the brats today:

CD Player

High school students are really frustrating. Especially when I asked them to hand over the crap, they don’t do it until I yell at them like three times. I don’t feel bad for taking those away. I gave those idiots plenty of warnings beforehand. Oh fucking well. Although the cellphone incident was stupid. I caught these group of kids using it twice, and on the third time I took it, and they tell me it’s not theris but someone else. OH WELL. NOT MY PROBLEM.

Dad said I sound scary. I know several of them think I’m a bitch, but hey if I truly was one, I wouldn’t have given them warning. So don’t push my limit. They think just because I graduated last year, I’m cool. I am. But I’m also a bitch.

After school, I had to get my eyes checked. They put the stupid dilation medicine in, and I was practically blurry eyed for the next three hours. But tell me how I went from 20/25 in one eye, and 20/15 in the other to 20/50 and 20/60?! Last time I checked my eyes, it was in 8th grade x_X;; I think back then they screwed up my measurement… Oh well.

Got back to school, watched the concert, more like listened to it. The SFS conductor had the funkiest conducting style ever. Ryan and I were LAUGHING. Good thing I wasn’t up there. I would have been too busy laughing instead of playing. Then I had class. We had an exam, but due to my eyes, and not having the chance to study before class began, I opted to take on Wednesday. And tomorrow I’m giving myself a day off. I need a break. x_x;;

But brats are brats, and I am tired. I think that’s the whole point of this entry.


  1. Yeah, they sound like idiots, give them hell Tara!

  2. Wow, that’d be weird to be teaching. You sound alot nicer than many subs we had in high school. And those kids sound like spoiled brats. You should have kept the stuff you took and sold it. :D And that sucks about your eyes. I have horrible eyes. And my brother has better than 20/20. It makes me sick, it’s not fair. I can barely see a foot in front of my face without glasses or contacts.

  3. unknownfear on

    good job :P i had that prob a lil the day i subbed for ms yi the korean teacher but it was ok i guess -_`but blah

  4. Hehe, yeah I think you’re talking about that asian lady with the English accent right? Her conducting style looked like, as my friend put it, Micheal Jackson dancing. XD I thought it really added to to the … "spice" of the song though.

  5. Hahaha. Little brats. I should know, I’m a high school student meself. :DDDDD

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