Tenor Sax Experience

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One good thing about saxophones: Once you learn the fingering for one, you know it for all four types.

So now I’ve tried alto, soprano, and tenor. I tried tenor today. The only other time I tried it was when I was in ninth grade. I blew a real low note on a friend’s, and I vibrated along with the horn. I did not like that, so I stayed away from it.

Well today a fellow sub who graduated with me, and who was also a tenor sax player in concert band, decided to play with the intermediate band today. So I decided to try it. These are my verdicts after playing it:

1) It takes more damn air and energy to play on it.
2) My back hurts.
3) My neck hurts.
4) Since an alto is shorter than a tenor, I am not used to the length, and I bang the poor horn everytime I move.
5) It’s heavier.
6) I keep seeing funky key signatures on the music since Alto and Tenor ARE not written in the same key.

So that was my experience with it. I like it, and it was fun, but by god now my back is killing me!

And I sub tomorrow, half day in the afternoon for my ex-APUSH/GOVT teacher. Yay.


  1. Well, at least you tried it?

    And BTW… I fixed the comments, and if it says that I did not configure the bitch right, that’s a glitch in the comments system that I did not do. They still end up in comments anyways, so ignore it.

    I’m looking forward to reading your replies to my questions, Girl. And, I have decided to sing both, if neccesary. Some people have to sing twice if need be. Like that guy from KCMO who had to sing two songs to see how good he was with Elvis and something, well, more modern.

    They had a thing where the group had to write lyrics to a song title (original lyrics and tune). And, well, I WRITE LYRICS! Piece of cake! The hard part is remembering the damned shit. It’d take me all night and I’d hate half of it. Oh well, that’s the bitch of being a songwriter. You hate half of the shit you write, and will constantly change them to fit your mood.

  2. Lady Athena on

    Those neck and back symptoms sound very reminiscent of my beginning experiences with playing the piano. Sitting up straight with your wrists positioned in a certain manner is not my idea of fun. Of course, I go against those sitting positions and sit however I want. :P

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