Endore Can Suck My Arse

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My deepest sympathies goes to whoever was hosted on Endore. The fucking company decided to close down without any notice and shut down everything. So now the people are hostless and stranded.

I hated them before, and I’m glad I never bothered to host there ever. Stupid company. This makes me more love my host. The ever wonderful Dreamhost.

Coronet, Heather, and Precious Flame, I hope everything works out for you.


  1. Lady Athena on

    They suck, suck, and double suck! It isn’t for myself that I really upset about, it’s for my hostees. I had two of them and their stuff was completely wiped out from my site at monochrome-dreams.net! I know they have their stuff backed up, but it really tears me that Endore didn’t even bother to contact their customers! God, do I hate them!

  2. Yeah, I heard about that. That so sucks. I wish the best for everyone who had them.

  3. Hey, you should tell them about Surpasshosting. I am hosted there, and I hardly ever have any problems, and when I do, they are short, and are made up to me. They give you plenty of features and stuff. Great company (and here to stay, too, lol). Love your lotr layout. Check out my hobitsis on my site. Not the best, but done in a hurry. (Not plugging, sharing interests). I’ll be back. Loverly site.

  4. Lady Athena on

    To the comment above, no there wasn’t, but there should have been. I am now comfortably hosted by the wonderful people at PinchPenny.org. At least they give a crap about their customers.

  5. Yep, I agree. That sucks. Was there nothing in the contract license that said they had to give you warning?

  6. dreamhost had better be reliable. you’ve got so many sites counting on it!

  7. ><' Idiots.

  8. Oh my! Makes me thank the Goddess that Dreamhost hasn’t gone under! I love Dreamhost and I’d lose a lot of stuff if it did! And charles would lose a lot of stuff it did as well!

    Please don’t go under Dreamhost!*squishes the Dreamhost logo*

  9. Actually, I found out it wasn’t because the company went "out of business" it was because the websites were hacked by some stupic hacker punk and all our files were deleted. I actually feel pretty bad for Ivan because he’s gonna lose his company for sure now. At least it’s all resolved and my domain is back up again. Pity my blog has to restart though. ^.^;

  10. Lady Athena on

    Actually, I’m not very mad at the company anymore. I found out a couple of days later that their site had been hacked, myself. I understand that they are now repsonding to customers, which is good. I was glad to have signed up with a new host and deleted all of my stuff before they went completely under. Too bad they had to go, their packages were good. Ah well, que sera sera.

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