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Thursday… I am giving myself a day off today. You know when you are tired when you can practically sleep good on a hard floor with a jacket as your pillow. That’s what I did. I took a nap in the bandroom and one of my friend woke me up and said it was 6:30 and classes started. Oops. So I was a few minutes late. That’s a change for me. I’m always on time for class. I guess I was just too tired.

On Tuesday I was supposedly helping Mrs. Lee when the secretary came running and said they needed a sub. So I subbed for the whole day. Too much Froshies for me. But other than that, it went well.

Wednesday I subbed half a day, which was only one class. That went well…sorta. Although I had to sorta “teach” them…

During Strings, I blew up at them. Exhaustions and frustrations about people not playing and doing other classes’ homework pissed me off. I think it scared a couple people. Mrs. Lee said something must have really outraged me since I don’t get mad easily. I get mad easily, but to get me to show it like that, it’s a bit difficult.

Strangely the only best part of the day was when I was in the Psych class. Everything else was just bland today. Although two people were funny in the class World History class on Wed. afternoon.

Must go bed now. Am tired.


  1. *hands pillow* :) go to sleep, sounds like you need it ~_^

  2. I would have blown up as well.

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