Psych 100

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Today was the first class. Have it at the Jrotc building, in my old Korean class. That’s one thing sucky about having classes at the high school you went to all your life. XD. Major Deja Vu.

Anyways, so far I like the professor. I don’t know if I actually like the subject, although it is very intriguing, but after a few more classes I will come to a verdict.

Minus my LIBS professor, so far I’ve been blessed with good professors. Although that’s only three, it still amazing. I always thought college professors are drabby and boring and mean. XD. Guess not.

But really so far, from the lesson plan the pro set out, I think I will enjoy this class. Funny. Even though I hate the fact classes makes me tired, makes me study and do homework, and make me do exams and projects, I actually like going to classes on most occasion and am willing to learn something too. Scary. And I STILL can’t get over the mentality of calling the professor by their first name. I don’t think I ever will.

And on a totally irrelevant news, LotR won best drama picture for RotK! YAY! Now if it wins the Academy, it’s all grand.


  1. Mikey (CasualSax) on

    Glad you like your professors. Nice site you have here. =D Almost enough to enspire me to make my own. Well, have fun, and I’m still not used to Korea being practically a day ahead.

  2. Whoohoo for lotr! Lmao, i got your comment about my blog not working…are you sure you’re using the url? o_0 I don’t know, it’s just kinda weird that you can’t see it and everyone else can =S Hmm…I’ll look into it though!

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