End of Vacation

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Tomorrow, Term III of UMUC begans. Nooo…

Oh well. At least this term, I’m taking 1 class instead of two. Was really thinking about taking Intro to Geography, but naw. I hope Intro to Psych will be good. Norris said the teacher for this class was good. Hope he’s right. So now Monday and Wednesday and some Friday nights, I have class. Technically it’s supposed to be M/W, but Fridays are for make up. Well as long as I have class on Friday instead of the weekend, I’ll be happy.

Aside from that, I got some more days to sub. Yay. Now I got my old AP US and GOV teacher requesting me. Now I got 3 (I think) teachers to request me. Lee, Boyd, and Monger. Now need to butter up, Pell! ^_^ And Wilkins…

*sighs* I need moola. And I need new batch of clothes. Grumpy loves chewing on my clothes. x_X;; Especially when the clothes are on me. Stupid rabbit. But it’s adorable!

I sub for Boyd on Wednesday for half day. And then I have class that night. I sense a day off on Thursday! I still love my flexible schedule. Too bad I can’t keep it.