Revamped ID

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I revamped and updated Insidious Disquisition!

Check it out and let me know what you thank. And again much thanks to Tokkichan for the artwork! I love it to death!

And Happy LUNAR New Year! Not Chinese New Year, but LUNAR New Year. Why? Because Chinese aren’t the only one who celebrates it. A lot of other Asian country, including Korea, celebrates it so Lunar is what I like to use instead. No offence to the Chinese, but I just think it’s wrong to call it Chinese New Year. ^^


  1. hee hee, glad you liked it, but no luvin it to death! we already have enuf deaths in that series!

  2. -.- how about I email myself over to you as an attachment?

  3. whoohoo! Go writing site go! ~_^

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