Past Birthday

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Before I go on, I’d like to say one thing:

Hans Zimmer RULES.

*coughs* Anyhoo. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. ^_^ *glomps all of her friends* I received some nice thing aside from relatives. Oh and I forgot to add someone to the relatives list:

Cousin: Cake. ^_^;;

Friends gave me a lot too.

Mrs. Lee: Something… no clue XD. And my Christmas gift has yet to come and what suck is that it is now at the PX. x_X Living overseas does have its disadvantages. Whatever she’s giving me, I know I’ll like it. :3

Gina-Nim: Card!!! ^_^ *glomps*

Stefanie: Card as well! It was a total surprise. :3

Lee: E-card. ^_^ Thanks mucho, girlie!

That’s about it, but it just shows how people love me. And I received many b-day wishes from my LJ buddies too. Like I said on my LJ, internet is a great way to make new friends, and a great way to keep the old ones close to you than before the net was invented.

*smooches* I love you all!

And on the sidenote, I got most of my hostees settling down. Except for one… I do hope I hear from her soon. x_x;; I’m planning to delete all subdomains by next month, except for Lily’s whom I’m deleting next Monday. And am saving a spot for her. ^_^ Hope she does come back.


  1. I feel horrible! I forgot to say happy birthday! Happy Birthday! I know, I’m late.

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