Happy 19th Birthday To Me…

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Yeap. I turned 19 on the 19th of January. 19 is obviously a conspirator number for me now. o_o. I got basically money for present. These are the people who gave me money, obviously feeling sorry for me since I only got 4 fucking bucks in my bank account. >_< ;; Daddy: 100 Bucks and if it counts, Strawberry Zinfandel
Mummy: 50 thousand won and 20 bucks
Aunt: 30 thousand won

Yay. I don’t feel so poor anymore. :3


  1. Chibi Misao on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TARA-CHAN!!!! Whee, it’s your golden birthday ^____^ Best wishes for you this year!!

    And I’ll move soon! Promise! Work just caught up to me this weekend u_u

  2. WHAAAHA! Billy Boyd is so my lover. :3 I lurv your layout.

    And happiest of happy birthdays. We need to talk more!

  3. Happy birthday ^^’ Lol, and I love this new layout as well ~_^ Go pippin go!

  4. Happy birthday. :D Hope you had a fun time today and hope this year is even better than the last for you.

  5. cybrpunk on

    Happy Birthday! (a day late…)

  6. Lady Athena on

    Happy belated birthday, Tara-chan! :)

  7. Izumi-chan on

    Happy late b-day Tara-chan!!

    And as always, you have an awsome layout! <3Pippin! XD


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