Yay. Blog/Collective Move Pt. I

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Well, the first part of the whole let’s move TCK to AC is done. Now I need to move the sites I am planning to keep, change the 404 page, alert my siblings, and move the rest of the hostees, and I’m all good. *dies*

This is a painful process. I am so glad I am on break right now.

Anyways, comments? Let me know what you think.

So from this day on, it’s a blog and a collective all at once. Yay.


The only site that is NOT on ACnet yet is Insidious Disquisition. I am gonna have to change it all to PHP and then I will upload. I love PHP… thanks to that, I was able to upload Grumpy Says and Tei’s Profile in 3 minutes after changing just one thing.


  1. Lady Athena on

    You did a lovely job on the layout! I always have tons of trouble doing PHP layouts with tables. So, naturally, I stick with div layering. I really love the picture of Pippin you chose. He’s so huggably cute! :) Anyway, beautiful layout, as always! :)

  2. Kalirose on

    I’m about a week late, but I agree. PHP kicks much ass. I don’t know how I lived without it. :D

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