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That time of the month… so I think it’s making me a bit on the PMSing side. Snapped at mum so many times today. I lost count. Bah. >_< Grumpy scratched my chin, and now it’s kind of … well scratched up. Ouch. Damn rabbit. Signed up for class. 1 class. Intro to Psych: Mon/Wed night. Yay. Book was 49 bucks. Was debating on taking Intro to Geography instead of Psych, but the price of the G textbook threw me off. 105 bucks… HELL NO. Maybe in a few more terms, it will be in Kyobo for a cheaper price. Am planning to slowly move everything from TCK to here and get rid of TCK when the next time I have to pay. Hope I won’t regret that in the future. And I got fics to write. Ugh. I’m busy with the net and trying to finish LotR and wanting to read Catcher in the Rye. Speaking of that book, I was surprised to see that in my dad’s book cabinet. o_O;; And I thought anyone over 21 hated that book. Oh well.

Once classes start, I am gonna be mucho busy online and offline. ARGH!


  1. I hate moving my sites. They are such a pain in the ass. Good luck.

  2. Lady Athena on

    Damn, that must suck. Sounds about as bad as my whole week. Ouch! Hope everything goes through for you! :)

  3. the rabbit is rebelling! eat it!

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