2003 Reflections

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Happy New Year!!! 2004 has come!!!

Or it will in a few more hours.

And since this year was so much better than the last, I feel as if I could reflect on back. ^_^ But since it’s going to be long, I’m gonna put it in as “more” text. ^_^

* Mike Incident #1: Okay. Don’t want to think about it again.

* My 2nd semester schedule as a high school senior: it was the best schedule I could have asked for, and it was the worst schedule I could have asked for. I had 3 music-related classes, 3 computer-related classes, and 1 core class which was English. It was an easy schedule compared to other students, but it also killed my liking to major in computer fields. So all in all 2nd semester was a hell/heaven combo.

* Meeting Lori: I am so glad I had the chance to meet her. She was here before, but I never got to know her then. We became good friends, and she’s a sweet girl that I am proud to consider her one of my best friend.

* Xzibit Concert: Awesome. Hip-hop didn’t seem so bad after at all. Charles got to get his jersey signed by them too. Woot!

* KAIAC Music Festival: Am glad I made it into Select band. Less crowded and we had the most kickarse song of all. Inchon rules!

* Piercing my ears: No matter what anyone says, IT HURTS LIKE HELL! And now the right one is about to be closed up because that one gets irritated the most. Oh well.

* Slaughterhouse Five: I will never forget that experience. That book was amazingly cool, and introduced me to something I never realised I had till after reading that: Black humour. Mrs. Pell really made that book fun.

* Mike Incident #2: Yeah. It happened. Got me in some trouble. Oh well.

* Spring Concert 2003: This was the milestone of my life, not graduation. I performed in Jazz band, intermediate band, and lastly Concert Band. Too bad my sax chose that time to die, when concert band went up. On my last performance to. Jekyll & Hyde has never been so emotional to me till that night. I cried that night. In public. Mortifying, but it was worth it. ^_^

* Prom/After Prom 2003: Held at the Marriott Hotel. Jeff was my date and Jenny was there to keep me company. The food was great. After that it got boring. We partied at Itaewon, and I ended up drunk-sitting Lori. Discovered I did not like King’s Club.

* Jenny Left: After being in Korea for as long as I have or even longer, she finally left for the states. That was the first buddy of mine to leave this year.

* Lori Left: She was the next to leave. I missed her…

* My first sorta boyfriend…: Karey it is. That was kind of nice.

* Baccalureate 2003: I hated it. Too religious for me, and I saw no point in it whatsoever.

* Graduation 2003: The day I’ve been waiting for! I have never received so many flowers in one day till this. I’ve lost count on how many I got and who gave them to me. Hung out with Karey afterward, and then went to Carnie Station with the gang and got mildly buzz. Am glad I graduated with honours. Cum Laude baby!

* Mi Son came: She came to visit. Whee! Enjoyed much and much time with her and our other friends. Can’t wait till her next visit.

* Summer Hire 2003: Hated it. I hated most of the people at 34th SG, including my own supervisors. That was the worst year ever. Blargh!

* Broke up with Karey: That I did. ‘Nuff said.

* Volunteer @ SAHS as an Alumni: Helping Mrs. Lee keeps me busy and occupied. And she’s a pleasant person to work for unlike 34.

* Term I of College: Interesting. The professors seem so much cooler than high school teachers, and the freedom we get is so much better. But the money to pay for tuitions is expensive. EDCP taught me a lot and it was worth it. LIBS can suck my arse.

* Grumpy: Got my first pet that I actually raised. Grumpy the rabbit. Love her to death. Got her at Myung Dong, and I do not regret ever getting her.

* Jen left: *sighs* Jen left and now I am without a girl friend here now. Boo! I miss her dearly… our karaoke experience and cafe experience doesn’t seem to be the same without her.

* Subbing Experience: Not easy and not fun, but the pay is okay. Blah. Underclassmen, especially many freshmen, suck.

* Term II of College: MUSC was awesome. ENGL was awesome. Both professors rocked. I hated the term paper for MUSC and hated all the essays we had to write for ENGL.

* Seeing alumnis: Great to see some, suck to see some.

And that was all the major high point of this year. Goody for me. Let’s hope 2004 is as good as this year. ^_^


  1. happy new year!! hohohohoo!!

  2. TARA-CHAN! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I miss you too! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *sniffles* Okay… I’m fine now….

    BTW, Happy New Year! Kick Jeff in the arse for me and punch him in the unmentionable area.

  3. Happy New Year!

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