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I saw RotK. I typed out my views and opinion about it at my LJ. If you want to read it, click on the link below. BUT BEWARE. SPOILERS!!!



  1. Oh, I didn’t see ROTK yet.

  2. ooh some nice views you have on the movie. but you know, seeing a movie in the theatre is much much much more enjoyable than watching a pirate version at home with dodgy sound.

  3. I saw it last night too, it’ll be interesting to see if our veiws are the same or not. =)

  4. I have the bootleg DVD of the ROTK too but I refuse to see it until I see the thing in the theater. I’m sure I’ll love the movie, though…

    Anyways, belated Merry Christmas Tara-chan! I hope you’re having a ball this break. :)

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