Christmas Eve

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Is today really Christmas eve? It so doesn’t feel like it is. I guess I just lost track of time through school and other crap. I guess the fact that my mum can’t fix the annual holiday dinner due to her back makes it feel less like Christmas. Instead of home-cooked dinner, we are gonna go to a restaurant and eat. The only good thing about this is that at least our house will not be swarmed with relatives. I get claustrophobic just thinking of it…

Anyways… if anyone ever ask me to get a rabbit for them, I am going to have to refuse. Yesterday, I went to Myung Dong to buy a rabbit for this friend of my mum. Well after walking around endlessly around that stupid place, I found a place that had two rabbits. One was black and the other was white with black spots. Since the lady wanted a black one, or the one like Grumpy, I chose the black one. It wasn’t until I was in the cab that I noticed something was wrong with one of it’s eyes. With dirt and other stuff, it’s left eyes was closed.

So before coming home, I stopped by the lovely animal hospital again. The vet there put some medicine on the eye. Then I bought some food for the rabbit and took it home. I was so relieved to bring it home. I didn’t want to cause the poor thing further anxiety by bouncing it around in the box I was carrying it in. Got home, and put her in Grumpy’s cage that she uses as a playground. After giving it some food and water… wow that rabbit was not like Grumpy at all when she first came here. And Grumpy was actually bigger than that little bunny was…

That poor rabbit must have been starving and dehydrated. It kept eating and drinking in between breaks. And it was also cleaning itself up. It somehow got the eye cleaned and it opened. But it looked like both eyes had some kind of disease. However this morning it looked much cleaner. So I’m glad it seems better.

Giving it away was the hard thing. I can’t believe I became attached to that bunny in such a short period of time. *sighs* So if anyone asks me to get them a rabbit, I’ll scream. Since my mum’s friend is giving it to her son, that dude better take real good care of it, or ELSE.

I’m done… I miss that rabbit now. But I have Grumpy ^_^


  1. Tara, buy me a bunny. LMAO! JKS! XD That was very sweet of you, I hope that bunny gets to full health soon! Merry Christmas <3

  2. Chibi Misao on

    Awwww…what a cute story:) Merry Christmas Tara-chan!!!

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