Beginning of Winter Break!

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Now that SAHS is out for winter break, I get two weeks off from going on and or subbing. And term doesn’t start till January 26 so whoot!

God I subbed again today. I am starting to hate subbing. Kids these days are just fucking annoying. Nuff said about that. And yes it was for the band teacher again. Yay. I gave today’s class parties, and well, I didn’t enjoy it. Then again maybe falling asleep at 2 am doesn’t help me much…

But yes! I got so much planned to do for the next few weeks!

– Write fics
– Work on websites
– Watch movies
– Read books
– Play games
– Play with Grumpy

^_^ Whee. I’ve started to see some of my fellow classmate… it feels weird. But yeah. At least one of my friend is back! Yay! Too bad all of them couldn’t come. >_< ;; Damn. Well I’m happy now that I’m on break!


  1. Have fun with your free time. My boyfriend has been sick and so I’ve been taking care of him.

  2. get grumpy a female friend and then they can humpty all night long ;)

  3. Wicked ^^’ But tara…I dont think I’ve read anything of yours, ever! Hook me up with some of your fics sometime :)

  4. Chibi Misao on

    I definitely agree that kids these days (most of them, that is) are HORRIBLE. I hope the new generation grow to be better because if the future of the world lies in the children, our future is doomed.
    …Then again, you’re talking about teens, so I dunno XD Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lady Athena on

    Ooh! Sounds like fun! :) Too bad everyone at my house is sick, or else I would have been able to do more. Have fun this holiday and here’s a movie recommendation, if you haven’t seen it yet: The Return of the King! Merry Christmas and have fun! :)

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