Funny Bunny

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I have just witnesseed the most funniest scene ever. I took Grumpy to my dad’s room and as usual he was sitting in his armchair, watching the television. Right behind is a tall lamp. Its lights shines right on top of the chair and it’s levelled with my dad’s head. Well due to the warmness of the lamp, Grumpy likes going up there. Or so we concluded.

Just now, I think we may have found another reason. My dad is partially bald. And I think that intrigued her because she started licking the head nonstop. I was on my dad’s bed laughing my butt off and called my mum over. She saw what was going on. Then she and I both had a laughfest over it. Meanwhile dad was saying stuff like, “You little rat,” or “My head’s wet!”

*sniggers* So fucking hilarious. :3

I took more pictures of Grumpy btw. Just need to develop them and then scan them and all that stuff. I’ll have it done in about two weeks or less.

On a sidenote,Term 2 ends on the 21st and Term 3 for UMUC begins on January 26. We get five weeks off. I am SO FUCKING HAPPY!! I am anticipating my break! Whoo hoo! They extended it a week. YAY!


  1. That sounds so cute.

  2. That is so cute! I wish that you had taken pictures of that! That would’ve been so nice to see pictures up on Grumpy’s page.

    When I get a dog, I"ll make a page about him.

    Off to go blog about the amazing animals in my backyard. LOL

  3. Awww ^^; Lmao, too bad you didn’t have a digi-cam XD

  4. Hrm…. a bunny that likes to lick bald people. interesting.

  5. hehe your rabbit sounds like a cat or a dog or something. does it shit everywhere?

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