Stressing Deja Vu

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*dryly* I recall feeling this stressed around this time last year. And I blogged about my stressful week last year too. Will the stress always be bad around this time of the year EVERY YEAR? Geez I hope not.

I am so waiting for next Thursday. This is my not so fun schedule:

Friday: Work on some of my Term Paper for Music which is about Eminem. Tonight hang out with Jeff and do stuff.

Saturday: Work some more on the damn TP >_< . Go all the way to Seo-cho Dong or something to see a concert so I don't have to write another paper for the damn Music class. Must be there by 6. Sunday: Music class. After class: work some more on the damn TP, and finish up my Definition paper for English.

Monday: Was planning to go in due to the school concert, but at this rate, I cannot go in. So I must work on the essay one more time, and the term paper, and read over the bloody George Orwell essay called “Politics in the English Language” or some crap like that. Go to class at 6:30 pm and turn in the essay and talk more about the Orwell stuff.

Tuesday: MUST go in to help at band room since that night is the night of the concert. Will attempt to work on some of the crap over there. Probably the Orwell stuff and start on the summary. Concert starts at 7 pm. Ends around 8:30 pm. Run home and continue to work on Term paper and the Summary.

Wednesday: TERM PAPER and SUMMARY IS DUE. Stay home. Finish it up. Email Term paper. Go to class at 6:30 pm. Turn in the damn summary. Do the class evaluation thing for English, and LEAVE.

And somewhere in between those days, I need to get my annual candy grams done too. AUGHHHHH! I am so waiting for next Thursday… or precisely Friday since that’s the last day of school for the high school and then that means I GET SOME FREEDOM!

Ugh…shoot me now. The term paper in APA format… I wish to illegalise the damn APA format. MLA is so much easier compared to this crap. Everyone else is complaining about finals. I don’t have final exams. At this point I want them instead of the term paper. *sighs* Next Thursday couldn’t come fast enough.


  1. Holy shit o_0 Looks like your near-as-busy as I am ^^’ Lol. Wow…I really feel like a dumbass, reason explained in other areas (not sure if it’s a secret or not >>’) So…yeah. Good luck with getting it all done :

  2. Wait…I just noticed you have it linked on the side, so it can’t be all that secretive can it <<' *dies* Alright, I'm officially the dumbest redhead in the world. XD

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