Old Acquantices

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Wow. I cannot believe I met a friend of mine from sixth grade. It’s a small world after all.

I was just sitting outside Dragon, taking a break from volunteering. I looked up and this young lady was staring at me as she walked up to Dragon. I thought that was kind of weird. She was with another woman and they were about to walk past me and go inside when she was like saying something like “Whatever.” She came up to me and asked me what my name was.

I told her and she was like “Do you remember ****?”

My eyes went wide with realisation. I said her full name and she acknowledged it. Crap. I’m surprised she still remembers me. I thought she looked familiar but I wasn’t so sure. But yep… it’s an old friend of mine. WOW.

She’s stationed here now. She joined the Army. I was rather surprised to hear that, but I’m sure it’s a good thing for her. But wow…

I am still amazed.


  1. i love the way you type…feels like i’m ready a story lol

  2. oh wait, i am….well you know what i mean right? i’m a dork…sorry

  3. Hm, I randomly found your blog, and as I can’t seem to sign your gBook I figured I’d leave a comment: I *adore* your domain name! It’s one of my favorite expressions, and definitely one I hear from my Mama (Korean) at least ten times a day. [Also, wow… Small world, indeed! I’ve been meeting up with old friends like crazy lately, it’s been happening so often it’s almost freaky.]

  4. Hey! Just dropped by… I got here by going to trabia-gardens, then to your tckingdoms and then here! ^^

    Anyways, that’s so awesome that you met an old friend!! I’m in 11th grade now and can’t remember half the people I knew back then… ^^;; But it would be neat to catch up with some of the people I DID know. Yay for you and nice blog! :)

  5. Wow. One of your friends from back in sixth…. That’s amazing! Anyways…. Korean Candy… Pepero, big grape candy (it’s green and you can get it over at Kims Club), Choco Pie… The other Pepero (You know, with the choco on the inside? I forget the name), erm…. The peanut stuff you and me ate that one time… like they had down at Havana? Basically, just go down to Kim’s Club and buy me a box of everything. LOL. No, just what I asked for. Enough to tide me over until next Christmas, then you guys can send me the same thing again!

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