Karaoke Pitch

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Had a bad day, but hanging out with Jeff made me feel better.

My voice is dead. I’ve screamed myself out today at No Rae. I’m gonna have a sore throat tomorrow. Goody for me.

Apparently I’ve reached the “pitch” while singing Papa Roach’s Last Resort. Or so Jeff said. And it apparently scared him.

My poor voice… but I do miss No Rae. Jeff, we need to go there more often, PRONTO.


  1. I wish I could scream.

  2. Pss, I moved my blog to a new URl. http://immaculate-dream.org

  3. Hi~ i’m just a random person.. *poke* ^__^ And i wondered if you want to be affies? Heh. *hopefullnes*

  4. *hands a cough drop* hope your throat feel better ^^

  5. Let me know when and I’ll try to make room in my busy schedule….just don’t expect me to drop everything and go to No Rae with you ok.

  6. Hey…..I hope you’re feeling better already!

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