Essaying and Braveheart

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Procrastination should definitely be my middle name. Such habits will never be broken. Got a 600 word essay due tomorrow. I am just now starting on it. A stupid C and C essay. Oh well… I get my midterm back tomorrow as well. Hope I did okay on that. On my first essay, I received an A. How cool is that? LOL. But my midterm and this one… eh… late start. Damn procrastination.

I saw Braveheart and I am madly in love with it now. Tried to go get my own copy today, but PX is a dumbass. So I got Chasing Amy instead. Gotta love Kevin … ?? Whathisface… well whatever. Gotta love Jay and Silent Bob. ^_^

But back to Braveheart. Ms. Pell is right. Mel does have a “cute butt”. I am desperately wanting a Scotsman now. I want a Scotsman in long hair, kilt, and the most sexiest accent ever. Oh and knowing how the play the bagpipes PROPERLY wouldn’t hurt either. :3

GAH! I WANT ME A SCOTSMAN! I am madly loving their accents! Scottish accent is the best for me! *huge grin*

*sniffles* I talked to daddy. After his DEROS he said moving to England wouldn’t be bad… though the crime rate is too high for his liking. x_x;; I am trying to convince him to move to Germany or England. It’d be wonderful if we do. Screw the states, ESPECIALLY HAWAII!!! I WANT MY BRITISH ISLES!!!

*ahem* This whole entry was useless. I’ll shut up and go back to my essay and drool about Scotsmen. *walks off like a sad puppy*


  1. ahhh braveheart! one of the best movies made.

  2. Kevin Smith. He also plays Silent Bob.

  3. If I EVER find a Scotsman, I will trap him in a box and send him to you. Scouts honour.

  4. No, it’s not useless! Kevin Smith is great!

  5. I love your blog! The dark colours are beautiful.

    Btw, lol I’m a Scotswoman, but I moved to London 15 months ago. :-p I don’t often hear people say they love our accents. Thanks, it’s a strange compliment. :D

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