Second Day of Subbing

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Second day… bleh.

Concert band was easier than I though. Having the student directors helped. I started conducting and then it got way too complicated for me so I handed the job to one of the directors. Thank goodness for that. But they were a good class. Surprisingly. I thought they were going to be the hardest class to manage. Well… managing was fine. Conducting was the hard thing. I need more damn practise.

Seminar… well-behaved, minus some soccer players. And then it was the attack of the choir students. Apparently they got the passes from the choir teacher last week and well she wasn’t in the room. They came through the band room and well… I didn’t kick them out. Tried, but I figured, what the hell. Seemed like some of them were getting ready for some playing test.

Last period. You know how I thought Concert Band was going to be the hardest class to manage? I beg to differ. Seventh period was difficult. That class was the second half of Cadet Band. News got around with my Bingo escapades. Before I go on, let me explain what I did with the other classes.

With the other classes, I began the class with warm-ups and practising music. I did not tell them about Bingo or anything at the beginning. Why? Well if I told them that, then they would have been on their “best behaviour” for all the wrong reasons. That is what I considered “FALSE GOODNESS”. I did not want that. So if the class was good, I’d tell them to put away their instruments and say it’s Bingo time. Then I could really see the class in their true form.

That’s what I wanted to do with the last class. Unfortunately through the gossip mill of school, that was not what happened.

First, couple of the kids had their instruments out but did not play when I warmed them up. Then I read out the “punishment” Mrs. Lee left behind. That got them going for a while. Then they got tired of playing or something and kept asking about Bingo. This one kid said that this one music was too hard and that we skip it. WTF. The Holiday Concert is coming up REAL soon and if they considered that too hard to play, then go back to fucking Beginning Band. That’s what I would have liked to say, but I didn’t.

Then I got pissed and gave them a “talk”. Basically the “talk” was along the lines of “You know. I did not have problems with other classes, but you guys are being real difficult. I don’t know why I should let you play Bingo. I enjoyed playing it with the other classes, minus my headache. I do. I love giving prizes away and everything. But why should I let this class play?”

In the end I let them play, but they had the shortest time frame of the game compared to the other classes. Bleh.

Oh well. Screw them. Though I hope I didn’t overreact too much. We’ll see what Mrs. Lee says tomorrow.


  1. unknownfear on

    It seems everything you expected went reverse somehow. Atleast you survived it and can still go sub more.

  2. Hehe, glad our class was "well behaved". :3 You did a good job subbing, even though people kept talking when you tried to get them quiet.

  3. I’m cruel. I wouldn’t have let them played.

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