First Day of Subbing

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Well I survived the first day with a massive headache as my prize. I think it went alright. Although I am sick and tired of Bingo now after hosting that with three classes. Ugh. I got one more class to play Bingo with… if they are a good class.

Surprisingly, the kids were well behaved. Now Concert Band… whoo boy. I am really not looking forward to that. And I am so glad Bingo is not an option for that class. There is no way in HELL I am going to host a game with 70-80 kids. HELL NO.

Strings were an okay group. Though… it seems like when they played they got easily lost. And I, the conductor, a very bad conductor at that, became lost myself. Blah. But it went well. The middle-school kids are so cute! I want to so pinch this one kid’s cheeks to death. But. *AHEM* That doesn’t seem like an appropriate behaviour, so I better not try.

I made myself look idiotic in Beginning Band. I couldn’t conduct pick-up notes song, so they had to show me how to conduct. Well now I know. Hopefully. But they were an enthusiastic bunch. One of my friend in that class said I had the attitude to be a teacher. O_O;; I highly do not think so. Dedicate my life to teaching? I’d go insane at a very young age. Then again I am already insane, but that’s a different story.

The first half of Cadet Band was pretty fun. The kids are certainly helpful in that class. Especially the front row kids. This class was slightly troublesome. I had kids who took out their cd players and mp3 players. I asked them to put it away and they did. Otherwise, I’d take them for myself, rather than confiscating to the school. XD I am so evil, aren’t I?

So all in all, it was pretty good. Minus the headache. I think Bingo gave me that. I had fun with the words. XD Pronouncing them all sorts of ways. Hee hee! But I still have a headache and I will scream if I hear the word “Bingo” after tomorrow. I certainly will.

Well after tomorrow, I sub for half a day on Wednesday and sub on the 26th. More moola for me! Unfortunately it is going into my college tuition. *sighs and kick money* Money are so damn troublesome! I hate it at many many times.

Anyways, stay tuned for part two. XD

PS — Karey, if I subbed for AP Calculus, I am going to feel like I am in the land of Einstein whereas I am in the land of Barney. So in other words, if I sub for that sort of class, do not expect me to help because with my help, I’d end up helping the class fail rather than pass.


  1. this one time, at band camp…. heehe

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