A Strange Kind of Post

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

My break is now over. In a way I’m kinda glad and in a way I am not. Grumpy’s been driving me nuts these days so most of my spare time went towards her. I still find her adorable though. :3

Yesterday, I was walking around the Education Centre during my break between classes. I was struck down how I finally felt the fall scenery. The multi-coloured leaves. The swarm of leaves on the ground. Feeling them crunch under my feet. The dreariness of the weather. The cold air all around me. Yes. It felt like autumn for me yesterday.

It felt lovely just walking there. No one walked around the area too much, and it felt like I was the only one on Earth at that time. I love autumn. I love the cold weather; despite how much I complain about it. Yet there is still that sadness lingering around everywhere. Considering what I learned about symbolism… it makes sense.

This was kind of a useless, experimental post. I think waking up early makes one not only crabby, but sentimental.


  1. there are only 2 seasons where i live…the wet and the dry. unfortunately its mostly dry throughout the year :(

  2. I love the fall. I know it’s depressing since everything is dying around that time but I still love it.

  3. Fall is kewl… No tree’s here… too many roads.

    I had a dream about you!! I was in korea and you didn’t want to see me. :(

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