Holy Crap… Dreamhost Strikes Again…

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Oh man… I was expecting my webhost to give us users more space and stuff… but I wasn’t expecting this much… Here are the visible changes I received:

500 MB of space –> 1000 MB of space
25 GB of bandwidth –> 30 GB of bandwidth
15 FTP/Shell accounts –> 35 FTP/Shell accounts
3 Domain hosting –> 7 Domain hosting
60 Email accounts –> 140 Email accounts
15 Subdomains –> 35 Subdomains

Wow… just wow. I am incredibly speechless. Of course some of those extra features I will not need, such as WHY WOULD I NEED 140 EMAIL ACCOUNTS?! Or what am I gonna do with 1000 MB of space now?!

Well of course this means I can host more people… so yeah. But I am pretty happy, yet pretty suspicious. It’s like do not die on me now, DREAMHOST ^_^ But dang… I was not expecting this much extra features. I knew I was getting something, but not that much. As Josh and Jen would say, DAMN SKIPPY!


  1. whoaaaaaaaaa who is your host?!?! my host has been slowly raising their prices…evilness.

  2. I’m hosted with E-Starr. Dreamhost is starting to look good again but I really do have to watch my budget since I can’t go back to work until March.

  3. Lmao! that is -so- cool! Congrats! XD

  4. Love the layout *beams* woah, that is a HUGE difference, which is a good thing..unless there is a catch or something.

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