First Music Class

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Yep. Today was the first day of MUSC 210. Someone slap me if I ever decide to take a weekend course again. Waking up at 7 AM on a Saturday or a Sunday to go to an all-day class is my idea of stupidity and torture.

Other than that, the class was good. The teacher was excellent so far. I am impressed so far. All those stuff I heard about the teacher was all true. He’s one kickarse teacher.

Basically in this class we listen to many types of music and talk about how it effect us and society. Quite interesting. Definitely not like high school. Last I checked, we were not allowed to listen to such music like NWA in which the song lyrics was major cussing, including “Fucking the police…” yeah. I was sniggering to myself when I heard the beginning thinking how RIDICULOUS high school was back then… WAIT. Back then? It was only 5 months ago and I am already out of tune with high school. How sad.

College classes are really fun and more entertaining than drabby ol’ HS, but … life was easier then. Oh well.

But the I had a fun class session. Listened from stuff to Enya to NWA to Bruce Springsteen to Bach to Alan Jackson to Johnny Cash and etc. Wow… And this one weird song that sounded more like a bunch of cacophony than music… x_x;;

I’m glad I signed up for this class. OH! We even might go on field trips! And I thought colleges didn’t do that LOL!

I’m loving it.


  1. yah the teacher will make or break the class regardless of content i reckon!

  2. You couldn’t pay me to go back to high school! Glad your enjoying it, doesn’t it rock?! :)

  3. At my HS, I took a Music History class and of course, when we got to modern times, our teacher played all those songs that most parents would have bitched and moaned about. It’s a good thing no one ran away to be a tattle tell about it.

  4. Glad you had fun in class, unlike me! I hate going to work. I wanna go back to school!

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