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Just came home from a long day. Woke up at six-ish, came to school by 7:30, helped out till 3:30, bummed around with my friend till 5:30, came back to the band room and bummed around till 6, and then went up to class which incidentally is up at the high school as well. No wonder college over here still feels like it’s high school instead of college itself… in a way. Left class at 9:10, chatted with a guy I THOUGHT was in my class, but wasn’t. Those GIs all look the bloody same to me. Walked across the base, saw the half finished overpass, and came home. Am tired as fuck.

Class was okay. The teacher really is cool, even if he does take his discussion far. I wanted to sleep while he rambled on about the stuff. I normally like that kind of lecture, but really I wasn’t in the mood. Freewrote and my hand hurt liked crap. Learned about Anglo Saxon vs. Latinates. Very interesting, I might add. I am liking the class so far. Yet I always feel like the odd one out in my classes. It’s like I’m a plague of some sort. Fuck it. I came to education. Not to socialise too much. If I make no new friends, fuck it. Although, I am aching for some companionship…

And I don’t feel like blogging or doing webpage stuff these days. I think that blogging deadness is contagious.

I am thinking about getting rid of my main domain, actually redirecting it, and using Aigoo-chamna as either a collective or a joint blog/collective thing.

HOSTEES, if you are reading this, would you mind moving onto AC if I decide to get rid of TCK? I honestly don’t know. It’s expensive maintaining all this, and well I am losing interests. Or maybe it’s a phase… I do not know. I am at the moment, just … I don’t know. I cannot explain it. I am just wshing I could sleep forever at the moment. Not depression, just sick of repetitveness.

Oh and as of today, I am an official substitute for SAHS. Go me. Now to sub some classes and get money dammit. I need it. And I need time… I want time to slow down so I can do everything I want. There really isn’t enough hour in a day. I am babbling and I do not CARE.


  1. i wonder when i will quit blogging? if ever?

  2. I’m back!!! I must say I really missed the net and everyone here…*huggles*

    Anyway, I know what you mean about losing interest in webdesign. If I were you, I’d definitely give up one domain and just use one for all your sites. It’s more practical that way. ^_^

    By the way, my blog has new home. I hope you could change my link anytime that you’re not too busy. ^_^

  3. Sounds like Cook for englishie. I seem to remember those topics. I also remember ignoring them. How in the where you able to substitute? I thought you had to get some special degree or certificate for it.

  4. Do want you want T. Screw those people in your class if they don’t want to talk to you.

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