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I got my grade for EDCP. I got a B. Whoo hoo. Now I’d like my grade for LIBS dammit! Oh well.

I signed up for my classes (ENGL 101 and MUSC 210), and well I got the syllabus. Let’s just say I have gotten myself into a hard term. The music class looks harder than it seems. I’m screwed. And ENGL 101… well haven’t looked at that syllabus yet. I’m afraid too…

Aside from that, I’ve given myself a nice five day vacation. Yeah I didn’t go in for the past three weekdays to volunteer. I felt lazy and I figured I deserve some sort of a vacation. *nods* I’m going back in tomorrow though. Ugh… I do hope I get the sub job soon. I need moola dammit!

Anyhoo, I’m out. Got nothing else to blog about.


  1. hmm wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could give themselves vacatios? :D

  2. Classes always seem harder than they seem. Good Luck.

  3. I just wanted to say hi, and good luck on that music class. They should offer something like that at the high school.

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