RP whoo hoo!

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I’ve done the impossible and joined an RP. Yes. Tara who was adamant about any sort of RPing except for video games joined an RP. I guess what made me wary of RP was the Tenaria stuff at yahoo. I guess that kind of RP turned me off, but the one we are doing at LJ is quite simpler and more fun! Especially since it’s in the HP world, but using original characters.

This livejournal is my character, Tei Kim’s journal. So far it’s only been a few day but it feels like I’ve been RPing longer than that. I’ve even went ahead and made a website that has more info about him then I can put on LJ. Click here. I’m a dork ain’t I?

It’s really interesting so far. I already knew few of the people there RPing and am slowly getting to know the others. Do check it out. ^_^


  1. RP? as in roleplaying? *goes to investigate*

  2. He’s awfully cute.

  3. O.o Tara, can ya do me a bigggg favor? Could you send me a livejournal activation code? Jen tried to, but her activation code was stupid and didn’t work. T_T*** If you could, I’d love ya more than I already do. ;D

  4. cybrpunk on

    I wanna see virtual quidditch! :)

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