EDCP End of Term Party

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Before I go on, Tuan, I took Grumpy to the vet just to make sure it’s alright. Since the bunnies were probably from a Kennel, I don’t trust it too much so I took her to the vet to make sure. All my friends were like, take it to the vet so I did. :3

Anyways, Saturday was the EDCP party. Only like 1/4th of the class came and the teacher. We met at Townhouse, walked to the subway station, took the subway to Gangnam, and then we went to Carne Station. Had fun there. Then the people that wanted to go to No Rae Bang, went to Hannam Dong because it was closer to where most of us lived compared to Gangnam.

We had a blast at No Rae. Damn. I felt like home in that place. Strange. I guess I missed going there with Jen, and going with these people were fun. But yeah. It’s kind of weird going with your college class. But I guess I could always think of it like a field trip :3. My kind of field trip btw. XD

But yeah it was fun. Haven’t had that much fun since Jen’s Birthday escapade. Ah well.


  1. ‘No Rae Bang’ …makes me think of a sex shop.

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