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I’ve been strangely tired these days. Whatever. Fuck that. Tomorrow is exam. Final exam. Can’t wait till the stressful thing is done with. Have I studied? No. I don’t care. I’ll still get a passing grade.

I took my bunny to the vet today, finally. They examined it and the vets there seemed to love poking it and saying it’s cute. LoL. Oh and the gender is pretty much a female. Sadly, even the vet couldn’t tell, but his best guess was that Grumpy is a girl. He said the Grumpy is very healthy and that I’ve been taking real good care of it. The check up cost nothing, yay!

Oh and I saw the ending episode of Gaul Dong Hwa again and got me all teary. Gah. Such a sad drama.

And there is nothing else to say.


  1. Heather on

    I think the whole fucked/depressed/sleepy thing is getting everyone lately. So its okay!

    Also, kudos to Grumpy for being an almost-female. I wish I was that cool.

  2. I’ve been sleeping more than usual lately. And Grumpy is so adorable!

  3. hmm why did you take it to the vet if there was nothing wrong with it?? the last time we had a rabbit my dad ate it…

  4. Oh, wow, Tara, remember me? It’s Joanna! Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with things lately. You’re doing an awesome job with your site, as usual. :)

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