2nd Term Schedule

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I got the new term schedule today (which is subjected to change though) and I am happy to say that there is an actual music course being offered. MUSC 210 is The Impact of Music on Life. Can you believe how elated I was? And then of course Engl 101 is being offered during the evenings so I can take it and still work or something.

The bad parts? Well the music class is every Sunday from 9 to 4. AUGH! But such sacrifices must be made. And the other bad parts…dad said he’ll only pay for one class. And I want to take 3. The third one being Intro to Psych. But no… I can’t even take two. damn it. Oh well…

I’ll figure something out. But I want to take the music and the English class badly. But at this rate I probably won’t be able to.


  1. impact of music on life? sounds interesting. best of luck!

  2. cybrpunk on

    I’d take the Intro to Psych class. I loved that class when I took it. I even went on to take three more psych classes afterwards.

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