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Who’s very happy that she can access her blog from her home computer now? Tara is. For the past few days, I couldn’t access this POS so I was pissed.

But now I can.

Not much happened really. Jen left on Monday. It was saddening, but I didn’t cry. Jeff and I are the only one left in the loony bunch now. How fucking pitiful.

Grumpy is doing fine btw. Saturday/Sunday he didn’t excrete anything and now he is. Wow. I never knew how much a bunny can shite! But I’m happy. It’s eating and drinking water now. Ever since my mum had the smart idea we break up the food into biteable pieces since the originals are too big. ^^;; But I’m happy that the lil’ bugger is eating.

I took pictures of it. Now I am awaiting for dad to develop them. Phwee.

And my midterm in EDCP went okay. The first part, I got a 89%. With the second part… I am not sure. But the highest I’ll get is a B. I know that for sure. I’m satisfied. ^_^ I didn’t really study for it either. I guess since this is technically a BS class I didn’t get to see what the big fuss was over midterms. I will see them next term perhaps.

And now I am shutting up.

Oh and a question: Would it be too “ambitious” of me to make a website dedicated to my dear lil’ bunny?


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Congrats on your grade:)

    Actually, I would love to see a site dedicated to Grumpy:) Reminds me a little of the famous "pancake bunny" that used to be up a few years ago. Very cute^^x Can’t wait to see the pics!

  2. Hehe, why don’t you go ahead and make a website for Grumpy? I think that would be a really sweet thing to do. ^^

  3. yay!!! a grumpy site!!

  4. I want to see Grumpy. Yes, create a shrine to him and include lots and lots of pictures so we can all worship him.

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