Meet Grumpy! And a poor Dog…

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My fellow friends. I’d like to introduce Grumpy, my bunny!

I went to Myung-Dong, a popular (one of the many) shopping district in Seoul with a couple friends. We walked around and came upon those street peddlers selling bunnies. I saw this all-coloured (with a bit of white) charcoal grey dwarf bunny and instantly fell in love with it. That was the only bunny in that colour and I just had to get it.

So I got it for 20,000 won, about 18 bucks. For that I got the bunny, a container for it to live, and a bag of food.

At first I wanted to name the bunny, Sirius. Just cuz he looked sorta black and well Sirius’ last name is Black so yeah. But then I was like thinking about Orion. But after Jen and I looked at the bunny, we saw that it was pissed off, so the name Grumpy came to be.

Besides it’s a unisex name. And we have no clue what sex the bunny is yet. I’ll find out when I go to the Vet on base this Monday.

Yeah. Brought Grumpy home and parents weren’t real happy. Oh well.

On my way home later that evening (I went back out), I saw a black and white Cocker Spaniel. At least I think it was one. No one was around. I could tell by looking at it that it had to be owned by someone. The fur was neatly trimmed off and everything and well it didn’t smell. And the dog was real friendly. I took him to my apartment gate guard (actually it more or less followed me) and asked what we do about the dog. The gate guard had no solutions. He said to take it home with me and I was like, I can’t.

But whatever. I went back to the area where I found him and called home to see if I could… of course I couldn’t. So I walked on home and it followed me… while it was busy sniffing a tree, I went into the apartment. I looked out the door and saw that it ran around the parking lot area looking for me. It broke my heart when I heard him bark before I went up.

*sighs* I do hope that the dog is lost and the owner is looking for it. The poor thing didn’t have a collar or any sort of identification. I really hope he’s just lost and not abandoned. That fucking sucks. And I feel so fucking guilty for leaving the dog. My conscience is bugging me…if I could, I would’ve brought it home with me. But I couldn’t and that fucking sucks.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    How cute!! Post a picture of Grumpy ^___^

    I used to have a little bunny, but a tragedy involving certain &*#$ stray dogs occurred…*sighs* By the way, make sure Grumpy gets some exercise…bunnnies get plump kinda fast XD I found that out a little late XD

  2. Awww you’re an animal luver like me, huh Tara. Two months ago my boyfriend brought home two abandoned lab puppies. We washed ’em, and took care of ’em until the next day. I looked all over for Lost signs or anything in the newspaper, but I didn’t see anything. We took them to the Humane Society who said they’d take care of the pups for a week and then they’d be up for adoption. I wish I could’ve kept em but we already have two dogs and two ferrets in our two bedroom apt.


  3. im sure the dog is fine! i thought you were talking about a toy bunny for a second hehe.

  4. If you had teleport magic, you could have used it to send the dog to me and I would have showered it with hugs and kisses. I’m upset now. I hope the dog finds its owner.

  5. Im sure the woeners are looking for it. Dont worry. That is still sad though. I havent been here in soooooooo long! But i did want to tell you that my diraty moved for personal reasons on the link above. Hope you are feeling better about the whole dog thing!

  6. *whimpers* Poor little dog! I would have taken him home anyway. ^^ I’ve got to big a soft spot for animals.

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