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You know what? Homemade mudslides are good, but I think I do need to get myself a cocktail shaker. Daddy won’t get it for me, so I may as well buy one. :3

I didn’t add any vodka in my mudslide. Don’t wanna get too fucked up. But daddy finally bought me Bailey’s Irish Cream, so I relished in the opportunity to make the mudslide since I had Kahlua. ^_^ But yes… I think a shaker is required and some ice cubes. Now if mum would only let me have a space in the fridge for myself to put in the ice cubes…

But yes stirring the damn thing is not the same as shaking it. But it still taste the same! ^_^ … I think.


  1. wow, your dad is encouraging you to be an alcoholic hehe. aint that great?

  2. Me want alcoholic drinks. ::drool:: I won’t be able to drink anything alcoholic until Mark of next year. This sucks.

  3. Krusty Girl on

    Lame, lame, you are lame.

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