Sleeping Beauty

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Yes, I finally saw the Disney’s version of that movie. Amazing. After wanting to see it when I was young, but was unable to because the damn PX never had it on video, I have finally seen it.

I personally didn’t really liked it. Maybe I was expecting too much from the movie. Granted this movie was made back way in the days, but the way too fast moving plot killed it. The animations and the characters were good, but the plot killed it. It still doesn’t top Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King.

Nevertheless, the movie is still good. After all, it is a Walt Disney’s masterpiece. ^^ And it is perfect for the whole family to watch with younger children.

The music was pretty though. Once Upon A Dream was real pretty. And Maleficent was awesome. I can see now why she’s one of the favourite baddie of Disney’s Classic. She rocked. Merryweather was too cute! When she said “I think I’ll do what I thunk before,” or something like that, had me cracking up! That and the part where Flora and her were fighting over Aurora’s dress colour was hilarious as well.

So all in all… it was good, but not the best I’ve seen.


  1. Sleeping Beauty is a great movie if you watch it when you were little. Sometimes, if you watch a movie like that when you’re older, it loses it’s Grandeur. However, you were right about Malificent. She is THE MOST BADASS Villian of all Disney time! Next, of course, would be Hades. You have to love James Woods!

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