Princess Mononoke

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Hayao Miyazaki is yet a pure genius again. I’ve finally seen this anime movie and I sometimes wonder why I wait so long to watch a movie that’s just wonderful.

In this movie, we start off with Ashitaka, a young Prince from the “exiled” group of people called the Emishi. He’s riding Yakul, his elk-horse like animal and sees that a boar with wormy stuff on it was coming toward his village. To save his village, he killed it, but unfortunately he came in contact with the wormy thing and now he’s cursed. We find out later that the boar had something in him that turned him into a demon. Back then, all the animals in the forests were Gods or Spirits, and they were all able to cohabitate with the humans, but as time went by humans and animals became hostile due to differences.

So now Ashitaka is cursed and the demon thing is slowly going to spread to his body and destroy his soul and ends up killing him. However the wise woman of the village tells him to see the Forest Spirit to see if he can cure him. So he leaves the village and travels westward.

During his journey he meets up with many new characters who are provincial to the plot line. He comes upon Irontown, run by Eboshi, who accepted the people of Irontown despite their leprosy, and showed them how to make iron and rifles. The people of Irontown feel indebted to her and therefore follows her. While then he meets Moro, the wolf-God and San, aka Princess Mononoke.

As the plot thickens, many obstacles comes in Ashitaka’s way. His arm, that was contacted by the demon thing, becomes more out of control, allowing Ashitaka to decapitate his enemy or whatnot. Princess Mononoke saves him when he gets a bullet wound and they slowly fall in love.

This anime was purely an enjoyable experience. Miyazaki’s style shines through. The graphics may be simple, but it’s still gorgeous. You can just easily tell this is a Miyazaki masterpiece. The music was perfect with the movie as well. Mononoke-hime song was really beautiful and seeing it with the movie finally all fits together.

If you are looking for an anime movie that has human actions, animal actions, spirit actions and etc, then watch this. This really is a powerful and sad film. Oh and on a sidenote, the little Kodamas were CUTE! ^_^


  1. I’ve loved Princess Mononoke since I saw it two or three years back–in fact, I think I like it just a little bit more than even Spirited Away. Oh, and thanks for the reminder–I added Cineblog to the SAST "Friends" links. Hopefully some other folks will get back in touch with me now that my inbox imploded…

  2. Yes! The Kodamas were cute! They’re my favourite charas from the entire movie (except for the wife of that one guy that Ashitaka saved, she was hilarious!) Anyways, good choice in a move, my favoiurite Hayao Miyazaki yet!

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