Jen’s B-Day Night

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Wow. What a night! What a blast! ^_^ Yep, 9/11’s second anniversary, was the day Jen, Jeff, and I celebrated Jen’s 20th birthday. Her birthday is on the 12th, but due to schedule conflict, we’ve decided to celebrate today. The following events are true and yes I DID DO THIS THE WHOLE NIGHT!

We got to TGI Friday after being lost in Gangnam. While lost, we took sticker pictures and walked around. Once we found the damn place we got in there easily due to the fact that I had made a reservation the day before. Jen ordered the Ultimate Mudslide with the Crusted Chicken Spaghetti. Jeff ordered a Jack and Coke with Cajun Fried Chicken Salad. I ordered me a Mudslide as well with Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta. We all shared the Jack Daniel Sesame Chicken appetizers. Wow what foods. They are hell expensive but so worth it. And too much! But yeah…

Then I pulled the Birhtday thing on her since she and the others made me suffer through a ten minute serenade at Oasis for my 18th birhtday! Yeah. They gave her a hat and sang the birhtday song and took a picture of us. The picture came out nice. Jen’s gonna scan it and give me a copy of it. But damn… we were all laughing so hard during this and thus made Jen cry, ruining her make up. *sniggers and sniffles* Her last birthday here…

Then we left and we all wanted to go to Karaoke but er it was too expensive for our taste. So we walked around. After window shopping at various places, we found this bar called No. 10. Jeff used to go to that bar when he was up North, so that brought back memories. We went in there for his sake and boy that place was NICE. Jeff finally found a bar he can claim favourite too. ^_^ I had a Fuzzy Navel there, Jen a Jack and Coke, and Jeff a B-52 and a Kamikaze. But yeah that place was nice. Played real good music too!

After chilling there, we left for Itaewon and went to Lime Light. That night was Ladie’s Night so we waited till 11:15 to see the male strippers. While we were waiting, we got ourselves another round of drinks. Jen had a Cosmopolitan, Jeff a Quick Fuck, and I another mudslide! We all danced a bit there and I am still the horrible dancer as I claim to be. Then the fun began. We saw three guys strip, but not all the way. *snaps fingers* DAMN. But they were HOT! Russian Guys are fucking HOT! Jen and I gave one of the guys 5,000 won each. Jen put her tip in his pants and I certainly did not want to do that… so Jen just grabbed the money and put it in there for me. Call me prude dammit and I will not deny it.

Then the first round of strip tease was over, so we left. We headed to All That Jazz and sadly their live show was over then. But we all chilled there. We had a disagreement about whether this one instrument was a Cello or a String Bass. My guess, no my STATEMENT was that it was a String Bass and I was proven right! ^_^ Mwahaha! But yeah… then we left and right now I am at Jen’s house, chilling for a bith.

But what a night. It was so worth it… I spent 70 bucks in one night, but boy it was fucking worth it. Jen, I hope we made your last birthday in Korea one of the most cherished memory for you! ^_^ Happy Official Birthday now, Jen!

Edited @ 1:09 AM

Oh and I forgot to mention, while we were walking around Gangnam, and before going to No. 10, we saw these promotion posters for Linkin Park’s concert on October 29. What did we do? Jen and I took one for ourselves and ran off with it! That was fucking cool! ^_^ We are so baaaaaad!


  1. haha sounds like you enjoyed the strippers :P

  2. Aaaah! Linkin Park posters! ;_; Me want…

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