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I’ve started watching Vision of Escaflowne again. I’ve forgotten how much I loved Van Fanel. And I’ve forgotten so much about the plot and the characters and the places that I feel dumb. Oh well… it has been like a year now since I’ve last seen it.

But yeah… it’s all good. Too bad I just don’t have time anymore to watch the whole series nonstop. Damn school.

And there really is no point to this entry now that I think about it. So I guess it’d be a good idea to stop typing.


  1. I never finished Escaflowne. One of these days I’m going to finish watching it.

  2. Van totally rocks. Shit, any guy with the name "Van" totally rocks.

  3. Lady Athena on

    I watched up to episode 13 about 3 years ago. I really can’t wait to get the series myself so that way I can continue watching it. This anime really does kick ass.

  4. i liked the movie better than the tv series, it was more….powerful!

  5. Yeah, VoE was great. ;o; I loved that series so much. I know what you mean about lack of time though…. omg, I swear, I’ve not had time to sit down and THINK these past few weeks. Pity our society enjoys the entire ‘time is money’ thing, huh?

  6. Personally, my favourite was Folken. I seem to always have this thing for the older men, and the teardrop just makes it worse *whines* Folken-sama *purrs* But it’s been about 2-3 years since I’ve watched Escaflowne I think… yeah prolly 2 though

  7. OYJ&EYJH&HYJ on

    OMG VOE is so awesome! You know about how we recently rewatched the entire series since we told you about that. Yup, Van is cool (way better than Allen).

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